Arusha Trips safari car tanzania "For the past two years I’ve been working in and about Tanzania. To me, Tanzania is just one of a kind. A country that is just so wild, that the ‘normal’ tourists didn’t have a chance to spoil it yet, and so a lot of adventure remains. Of course Tanzania has its tourist hotspots with amazing highlights, but there’s so much more to discover!

During my time in Tanzania I met a lot of locals and made lasting friendships, those friendships are now the foundation of Arusha Trips. They tought me the ways of Tanzania and showed me places that you usually don’t get to see unless you have some local friends.

I Lived in Arusha (obviously), here I got one of the (Piki Piki) 125CC motorcycles and started exploring the surrounding areas (after learning how to drive from a youtube toturial, man that was scary).

Arusha Trips gave me the opportunity to share my adventures, make them accessable and enjoyable for younger travelers and create adventurous routes far away from other tourorganisations. Tanzania has got so much to offer and everything has to be explored! What are you waiting for?"
- Lex (founder Arusha Trips)
About Us

Behind the scenes at Arusha Trips

“Tanzania has got so much to offer and most touragencies only scratch the surface of what Tanzania really is. Tanzania isn’t just visiting the national parks, spotting the big 5 and staying in fancy hotels.

What makes your trip truly special is meeting the local people, sharing a plate of chicken at their favorite local restaurant and hearing stories of their experiences in Tanzania, while having a drink at a campfire.”

Of course not everyone prefers to sleep on dried cow-hide in a dusty maasai house. Maybe just one night, and the rest of the nights in a nice lodge. So we decided to offer experiences tailor-made to everyone’s wishes. A bit of the highlights to write home about and a bit of the real-local experience to bring home as a lasting memory.

About our trips

We create and test our own unique routes to make sure it has the ‘Arusha Trips feel’. Because we Specialize in Tanzania, we can offer experience of the highest quality. Our experiences are guided by our amazing, local guides who share their knowledge on Tanzania and make sure your trip will go from ‘amazing’ to ‘unforgettable’. 

Together with your own Tanzania-expert you’ll create your ideal trip. We combine our knowledge with your ideas. You can sit back & relax while we organise your dream-trip. Our on the ground team & many local partners will bring your ideas to life, all for the best price available. We like to be completely open with our prices, so you know exactly where costs come from. Seems logical right? It does to us. 



About us Arusha Trips - Lex
Arusha Trips about us - team

Why adventure with us?

Real Tailor-made Trips 

The old ways of travelling are over, standard packages just don’t do it anymore these days. People want a trip that is tailored to what they think africa should be for them! This is exactly what we offer, not just tailor-made trips, but tailor-made to the smallest detail. You’ve got a great idea for a trip? We’ll make it happen!

NO tourism, YES experience.

We organise ‘off-the-beaten-track’ travel, sure we offer the ‘normal’ trips. Who wouldn’t want to visit Serengeti, right? But next to these trips we also offer new experiences with fun guides, our own hikes on self discovered paths, cool camping trips, group bbq’s and sunset rides. Real experiences, without other tourists, where you can truly get to know and bond with our local guides. After all, an adventure is most fun when it’s shared.



No hasty tours! We don’t put in as much ‘experience’ in a day as possible, just to ‘show’ you everything. We take our time, so you can EXPERIENCE. Or like they say in Tanzania, we go ‘pole pole’ (slowly, slowly). Real experience comes from taking your time to see and feel a place. For example, visiting an amazing place, the local hotsprings! Most touroperators stay there for an hour and then drive on. That,  is what we call “tourism”. We like to dive in the experience (literally), take our time, have a nice bbq and a beer when we get tired of swimming.

Firsthand, Local knowledge!

All of our employees live or have lived in Arusha. This means we don’t only know the best places to visit, but have actual, up-to-date info on everything that is happening in Tanzania. Now studying Tanzania isn’t what gets you to be unique, experience is the field does. Our trips are based on months, even years of traveling in Tanzania. Founded during our adventures in Arusha, while seeking new routes and stumbling upon new, amazing locations after getting lost once in a while. 

Sustainable tourism!

A bit of our own pocket money goes to developing a new and way to bring water aboard the safari car. Currently we use these little plastic bottles (like everyone else), which we throw away neatly in the trash. The only problem is that the trash isn’t always disposed of as it should be, meaning it could end up on the streets again. That’s just a shame, because Tanzania is way to beautiful for that. Let’s not ruin another country.

We’re not there yet, but hopefully soon. We set our goal for 2021. In this year we will no longer use plastic water bottles, but bring water aboard in a new and sustainable way. Also we will make sure other companies in Tanzania are following our example. If you’d like to read more about our plan, click this link

Arusha Trips about us safari
Arusha Trips about us - Hadzabe tribe tanzania

The Africa Feeling

“Like scientists, we compile trips to create the perfect mixture between the travelers dream, the real local experience and epic adventures.”

Just imagine, waking up to the sounds of nature, inside of a dream-like lodge. Here you’ll watch the sun rise-up from behind the mountains, while floating in the pool. Enjoy your breakfast together with a morning cocktail. After breakfast we’ll drop you off right into the adventure and leave you to the mercy of the Maasai warriors, with who you’ll trek together in the jungle, survivalling! Maasai Style! After your trek in the jungle, we’ll laugh together at a campfire and share our stories.

The next morning, motorbikes will waiting for you and together we’ll drive through the desert, passing local tribes, to a remote oasis, where we’ll swim, dive and enjoy nature. The next day couple days you’ll drive out, into the national parks, surrounded by wild animals. Straight into an episode of ‘planet earth’. Each night we camp, watch the sunset and have a beer together.

At the end of our trip we find ourselves on white sandy beaches and turqouise oceans, relaxing. Enjoying luxury, living the instagram life and party with your toes in the sand! That’s the kind of experience we love. With us you can create you own. We combine your ideas with our knowledge to compile your perfect trip.

The Story of Arusha Trips

A company of friends

Starting in Tanzania as an intern, after working for a safari-company for over a year. Lex sat first foot on Tanzanian ground.

With nothing to do after working hours, Lex started exploring Arusha and hung out with the local community. This is where he met Ema. A local Tanzanian with a heart of gold and great knowledge of Tanzania. He became a “Rafiki” (friend in swahili). Not able to afford a car or going on ‘organised’ trips every week we decided to explore ourselves. This was, sometimes incredibly difficult. In Tanzania it’s not so easy to just do things yourselves and this tought us a valuable lesson. We wanted people to have the experiences we had, but without the headaches and all the mistakes we made.

Because of our many adventures in Arusha and the surrounding areas we found unique places, off-the-beaten-track routes and had amazing experiences that no other touroperator could offer. We decided to bring our friends and show them the routes we discovered to make them into activities. This was the start of our so called ‘company’. Showing volunteers & expacts our newly discovered routes and bringing them to the national parks in exchange for a fee.

In these months friendships were made that lasted for across the other side of the world. What initially started as just setting up a website to help Ema get some clients got a “little” out of hand and about a year later we had a legal, registered company. With Lex his knowledge of the tourism industry & experience in working for Safari company’s & Ema’s experience in the field the company was shaped.

Also thinking of the wishes of our guests, we created a company that offers the best of both worlds. Real off-the-beaten-track experiences and the unmissable highlights.

Arusha Trips About us
About us Arusha Trips


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