Mount Meru Trekking – 4 Days | Tanzania

4 days Trekking Mount Meru : In short

Mt. Meru is an active, but dorment volcano and forms the center of Arusha National Park in Tanzania. It is known for its huge cliffs and green surroundings at the foot. Mt Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania. Even though the mountain isn’t nearly as high as the Kilimanjaro, its just as challenging. Trekking Mt Meru requires more technical climbing skills than the routes on Kilimanjaro. Where the mountain ‘lacks’ height, it makes up in skill. Therefore its keen to have some climbing experience before taking on this mountain.

Trekking Meru can be done in 3 days or 4 days.



Combine with Kilimanjaro, Safari or Zanzibar
4 Days trekking Mt. Meru : Highlights
  • Reach Socialist Peak (4562m) at sunrise!
  • Tanzania's second highest mountain!
  • Climbing & Camping on a dorment vulcano!
  • Few people, which makes it more of an adventure than Kilimanjaro
  • Great team who will make sure you'll reach the top
Trekking Mt. Meru: Impressions

Trip itinerary

Trek DAY 1 - Reach 2500m - 4-6hours - 1000m ascend

Mt. meru : Momella Gate - Miriakamba Hut

The day starts with a transfer to Momella gate at 1500m. After the registration, the trek will start. Because Mt Meru is in the middle of Arusha National Park, the beginning of the trek is also a walking safari. During this trek you have chances to spot wild Giraffes, Buffalo, Warthog, Elephants and a huge variety of birds as you continue a steady climb through the montane forest. 

In roughly 2 hours you will reach the Maio Falls, where you can stretch your legs and enjoy the view. After the falls, we will do a bit more trekking and hike to the “fig tree arch”. This fig tree is an unusual tree formation created by the wild fig Ficus Thonningii. Here we will enjoy a nice, picknick lunch.

Once our belly’s are filled, the trek continues through less dense forest. Here you might be able to spot a variety of monkeys including the famous black and white Colobus. Within another two hours of trekking we will reach our final destination of today, Miriakamba Hut on Mt Meru. Afternoon tea, snacks and beautiful sunset-view awaits you. 



DAY 2 - Reach 3550m - 3-5hours - Ascend 1050m

Miriakamba Hut - Saddle Hut

In the morning we will start trekking from Miriakamba hut to Saddle hut. The trek continues on wooden steps along a steep track. The trek may be short, but it will be very steep. Upon trekking, the temperature drops noticably due to the altitude gain.

Slowly, the vegetation on Mt Meru will change from rainforest to heather and moorland. Todays hike takes you to “Mgongo wa Tembo” (elephant back) at a height of 3,200 m after approximately 2 hours. Here we will take a break, relax and enjoy the surroundings. After another short hike we will find our way to Saddle hut at 3570m where we will have lunch. 

The rest of the afternoon can be spend relaxing OR trekking towards the second highest peak of Mt Meru, little meru. This is an amazing place to watch the sunset and offers fantastic views over Arusha National Park and Kilimanjaro! If you choose to visit little meru (3820m), you will ascent another 250m meters from Saddle hut. Trekking to little meru and back usually takes another 3,5-4,5 hours.

Dinner will be waiting for you upon your return to Saddle Hut. Make sure to go to bed early and have a good night’s rest, because the night will be short and the next day will be long and exhausting.



DAY 3 - Reach 4562m - 13-16hours - 1012m ascend, 2162m descend

Saddle Hut - SOCIALIST PEAK - Miriakamba Hut

Today is summit day! The most difficult and certainly the most rewarding day of the climb. Summit day means an early awakening. Our trek will start from 1:30 with a steep climb to Rhino Point.

From Rhino Point (at 3820m), the path continues along an undulating ridge of ash and rock to reach Cobra Point (4350 m). Depending on the time we will stay at cobra point for an amazing sunrise or climb further to Mt Meru: Socialist Peak to watch the sunrise there! The path to socialist peak is quite challenging and some climbing skills will come in handy here. The path goes along  the crater rim, where you’ll trek on frozen volcanic ash and rocks, before reaching the summit.

Standing at the peak you will enjoy the breath-taking view of the sun rising above Mt Kilimanjaro as well as a fantastic view of Mt Meru’s crater with its steep sides and the “ash cone” in the middle. YOU MADE IT!

After our summit we will start a fast decent through open grassland and mixed forest, towards Miriakamba Hut. Here we will have a good rest eat and sleep.


DAY 4 - 3hours - descend 1000m

Miriakamba Hut - Momella Gate

Today will be a relaxed day as we will only have to descent a small part. This day is the perfect day to enjoy the beautiful green surroundings of Arusha National Park and stopping at a few more places than the days before.

With still soar feet from the day before, we will start a slow descent. During the descent we will have good chances of seeing wildlife like on the first day. You might be able to spot wild Giraffes, Buffalo, Warthog, Elephants, birds and monkeys during this day’s walking-safari. 

Upon reaching Momella Gate, you’ll say goodbye to the crew and be transferred back to your accommodation in Arusha.

Mt. Meru : Accommodation

On mt meru, there’s no need to sleep in tents or to carry them on your back. On this route you can sleep in two very well appointed, big huts. The huts are: the Miriakamba Huts at 2514 m (8248 ft) and the Saddle Huts at 3570 m (11712 ft). 

Campsites during the Climb

4 days Trekking Mt. Meru Cost


$940/ p.p.

Price Includes

  • All transfers from and to the climbing gates
  • The complete trek (according itinerary)
  • Experienced English Speaking Guide
  • Cook & Porters who carry your belongings
  • National Park Ranger
  • FULL BOARD during the climb
  • Accommodation at the established huts
  • Parkfees & Government Taxes
  • Drinking Water (filtered)
  • Emergency contact point over satalite phone

Not included

  • Accommodation & Transfers not mentioned
  • (Inter)national Flights
  • Tips for the driver guides, cook & porters
  • Flying Doctors Insurance

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